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Hinckley wedding photographer
By Simon Cawell

I work at the local registry office in Hinckley performing wedding ceremonies every Saturday and I must say I absolutely love my job. It really is a delight to join two people together to share their lives and, of course, because it is such a happy day for everybody concerned, the job contains almost no stress at all. Apart from the obvious stress of making sure I don`t make any mistakes! Recently I had a couple come to give notice of their marriage and they asked me if I knew of a Hinckley wedding photographer. Now, we have quite a few Hinckley wedding photographers we can give details on so I asked what particular type of photographer they were looking for. They explained that they wanted a moody type of photography, black and white and soft focus. I said I knew just the right people. This particular Hinckley wedding photographer has been very popular with our brides and grooms over the years and I can honestly say that his work is stunning. He makes everyone look their absolute best at all times. The couple were delighted and I now look forward to performing their ceremony in two weeks time.

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